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The C.B.F. flies

The enterprise C.B.F. (Claude Behr Favoris) suggests you a collection of 61 artifical flies models , able to give you a chance in front of any fishing situation in Alsace, in France and more generally in the whole Europe and América.

These flies, dressed by myself, are made with care , using solid and sharp barbeless hooks, with attractiv high quality tying materials.

In my online shop, you will find 29 models of dry flies, 24 models of nymphs and wet flies and 9 models of streamers, which allow you to tackle each river, each lake, with the best chance to trick the salmonidae, the white fish or the carnivorous you are tracking down.

There are also some selections, I create especially for you .

If you want to order of my flies, please go to the online shop !