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The Bruche

Offen predictable, sometimes surprising, that's my river, that I generally court, which sometimes fills me with joy, sometimes afflicts me, but, always enchants me !

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Une vue du parcours no kill de Schirmeck.

Taking its source at an altittude of 680 meters, on the top of the Climont, in the granitics Vosges, the Bruche runs during 78 km to its confluence with the river Ill, just before Strasbourg. Up to Dinsheim, it is classified in 1st category (salmonidae dominant). Rich in watery insects (baetis, rithrogena, ephemerella ignita, caddis..) it presents a succession of flats and currents, typical of the piedmont plains.

It is well populated with brown trouts, to wich are added white fish (chubs, daces, spirlin, bleaks, gudgeons..). From Heiligenberg, the graylings are well established and it contains some rainbow trouts. The trouts are not enormous there; a fish of 30 cm is a beautiful specimen (my personal record with the fly is 45 cm there), but they are wild, and defend themselves with vivacity and malignancy. The graylings commonly reach 30 cm and some specimens of more than 40 cm were already caught.

There are a lot of associations on the Bruche and it's not always easy to get a fishing licence. But since 1997, the fishing association "haute Bruche" has created a "fly fishing course" in Schirmeck. On this place, where the fishing is no-kill way, from the 1st may to the 31st august you get sometimes the chance to catch brown trouts of more than a kilogram. In 2003, a new fly fishing course has opened in Muhlbach on Bruche ! daily licenses are also avaible in Urmatt, Dinsheim and Molsheim.

Where you can get fishing cards :

- For most of the fishing sectors, on the web: http://en.cartedepeche.fr/

-by fishing store FARIO :........ 34, grand rue,............67120 DORLISHEIM ......... tel: 0033 3 88 48 86 66 , . for the sectors of Muhlbach, Mutzig and Molsheim.

-by fishing store BRUCHE- NATURE: 13, route de Strasbourg ,.. 67130 SCHIRMECK ... tel: 0033 3 88 97 89 45 , .. for the fly-fishing course from Schirmeck.

-by fishing store NATURAMA, Zone de loisirs "Le Tręfle" 67120 DORLISHEIM. tél:  03 88 04 81 81. for the sector of Ergersheim-Dachstein-Wolxheim.

the Bruche: news of the month

september 2018


News: After a very hot august it is nice, in september, with colder nights, to fish on chubs in the Bruche, where the are now more activ.


My last flyfishing session: On august the 21, as part of my C.B.F. coaching days, I took Jules, a young flyfisherman, on the Bruche. The weather was hot (32°), with a light east wind that stalled the fish. Overal, we got 12 bites, and could catch 10 fish, brown trouts, chubs and daces. (cf. pictures 1, 2 and 3). With TOT and OPK as dry flies, Jules caught some fish. With nymph, the TVC-2 brought some fish also. So, Jules returned happy from this flyfishing day.


C.B.F. last news:

-The online shop is open !

- The selection for the season and my selection of essentials flies are available.

Robert take the trout of Derek on the netRobert catchnig a nice chubDerek with a nice brown trout, caught with a TVC-2

There are of course other interesting rivers for flyfishing in Alsace, like the Moder, the Eichel, the Sauer, the Giessen, or the Andlau in the Bas-Rhin, the Fecht, the Doller, the Ill, the Lauch or the Thur in the Haut-Rhin. But the Bruche is certainly one of the most beautiful.

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