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The Stork reservoir

Ideal for flyfishing learning, every day open, except July and August, where you can fish however the weather, and, it's the icing of the cake, superb fishes, that is the storkeservoir !

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Prise d'une truite arc en ciel au printemps 2004.
Located at 50 km in the north of Strasbourg, in Seltz the stork reservoir is reserved for flyfishing. (see the very detailed map)
Its pure water (it is the ground water of Alsace, the biggest of west Europe), the quality of his fishes, the convenient laying out , combine to bring this place on the top of the flyfishing areas in Alsace. The fishery, of 2.5 ha, is made up of 2 ponds. They go down to a depth of 10 meters . All flyfishing techniques are allowed (dry flies, nymph, streamer, wet flies), with a maximum of 3 flies; barbless hooks only.

The fish you will find in Seltz are mainly trouts: really big rainbow, brown and aguabonitas (the yellows), some chars, an other species like carps, tenchs, roachs, perchs, pikes (big ones). A nice pikeperch has been caught in 1999.


Une grosse truite arc en ciel (55 cm) prise par l'auteur en nymphe, le 6 janvier 2005.

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the storkreservoir: news of the month

May 2017


Last News: May is a good month for flyfishing in the reservoir. In fact, the trout activate regularly between two waters, and even like to come to the surface, for the greatest gladness of the fishermen.


My last flyfishing session: On 2017, march the 21. My friend Jean-Marie drive me to the reservoir, after two month I could'nt go out of my house, after an operation of my Achille tendon. The weather was cold and rainy (cf picture 1). jean Marie caught some nice rainbow trouts with wet fly (NTO) and streamer (CRF-1 and SFM-1) (pictures 2 and 3). For me it was much more difficult, as I still suffered a lot from my foot, I could not concentrate on fishing. But I nevertheless had the joy of capturing my first trout of the year, with a streamer (CBO).


Fish immersions: 2017, tuesday 02 may, 300 kg of big rainbow trouts, (average weight on 1,5 kg), came in the reservoir.

Recommendation: With hope that more fishermen can touch them, we ask you to release the rainbows above 2 kg.

Thanks for your fairplay fairplay .


C.B.F. last news:

-The online shop is open !

- My selection for the spring, and selection of essentials flies are available.

the storckreservoir und the rain Fishing under the rainJean Mrie brings a nice rainboxw  on the netLars, with a nice brown trout of 65 cm, which was released!